My Contracts

My Contracts" section of the Client Area. Here you can consult and manage the contracts and invoices of your Graspway sites.

How can I view my contracts?

To view your contracts you will need to access the My Contracts menu in your Client Area. All your contracts and invoices are listed there.


You can filter your list of contracts by company by clicking on the block with the company info.


To view the details of one of your contracts, simply click on the contract linked to the Graspway site you wish to check. Here you will be able to see the company's details, invoicing details and a list of invoices linked to the contract you are consulting.


How can I change my company's details?

If you wish to modify your company's details, just click on the cogwheels icon that appears in the block with the info of each company in the My Contracts menu of your Client Area. 


Once you click on this icon you will see a form with all the information about your company and you will be able to correct or update any information about your company. 


Additionally, there is the option to delete your company data (only companies with no associated contract can be deleted).

How do I download my invoices?

You can download your invoices from various places within the My Contracts menu in your Client Area. 

Select a contract to view its details and click on the Invoicing tab. You can download a list of all your invoices in CSV format by clicking on download all invoices. You can also view the details of a specific invoice by clicking on the eye icon to the right of the invoice details.



You can download the invoice you are viewing in PDF format by clicking on the icon shown in the following image.