How do I register a Graspway site?

To register a Graspway site you have to go to the My Sites section in your Client Area.

Once there, if you don't have a site registered yet, you will see an empty page:


If this window appears, click on the Activate your first site button.

If you have already registered one or more Graspway sites, the following screen will appear, in which you will have to click on the [+] button of the organisation where you want to register the new site:

trial-company.pngIf you do not want to continue with the registration, you can click on the [x] button to delete the new site request.

The following video shows the process of registering a site with Graspway.


Once in the payment form, fill in the necessary data for the payment and, once the payment is completed, you will see a message indicating that your new Graspway site is being activated. An email is sent notifying you that your new site is in the process of activation. 

A few minutes later you will receive another email notifying you that your Graspway site is already activated and that you can access and manage it. It will provide you with links that take you to both the public part of your new site and its Dashboard.

You can also access the registration process of a new Graspway site directly from our website by clicking on the Buy Now button.