What is Graspway?

Graspway is an online school management tool, commonly referred to as LMS (Learning Management Software). Graspway uses several technologies perfectly connected to each other, to offer our users a powerful and simple tool that is easy to manage.

An online school is generally made up of a web catalogue of courses and a virtual classroom for teachers and students, where all the teaching activity takes place, and a control panel that manages courses, users, subscriptions, certificates, etc. Graspway connects 3 different specialised platforms to create a super platform.

Thus, on a Graspway site, 3 different platforms can be distinguished:

  • Portal
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Control Panel



The Portal, is the public part of the Graspway site that displays the course catalogue, the blog and a small online shop (the last two are optional). This public part is managed from his own administration panel. From this administration you can configure the appearance of the course cards displayed in the web catalogue, blog publications, products and online shop orders, the appearance of the site (colours, logo, etc.), site languages and many other features.

The Portal is based on the WordPress content publishing platform.

Portal y su Panel de AdministraciónScreenshoots of the Portal and his Administration Panel


Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom is the practical part of the Graspway site, the online school itself. In this Virtual Classroom, the teachers will provide content for the courses on the platform with topics, exercises, tests, etc., and the students, for their part, will complete the courses to which they have subscribed. They will consult the different topics that make up a course, carry out exercises and take tests and exams within the platform itself.

The Virtual Classroom is based on the Open edX© e-learning platform.

Aula Virtual y su Panel de AdministraciónScreenshoots of the Virtual Classroom and his Administration Panel (Studio)


Control Panel

Lastly, the Control Panel is the part related to the management of the entire Graspway site. From the Control Panel, you can manage courses, users, subscriptions, certificates, academic processes, objectives, etc. Detailed course and student statistics can also be consulted, massive imports of users and subscriptions can be carried out, and some basic aspects of the entire Graspway site can be configured.

The Control Panel is based on a self-developed platform.